Privacy & Policy


The privacy policy below explains how and what type of data and information we collect from our users at  , how this information is dealt with and who can we share it with. The privacy policy may be updated from time to time.

Personal information (collection and use)

Personal information includes your name, email address and other contact details which are collected by   when you sign up using an email and a password or through your existing social media sites or when you contribute to an existing memory. The core aim of collecting this information is sending you emails and newsletters to keep you posted about the latest happenings and promotions on the site.

The user content including pictures, text, videos, and other content that is posted by the members on the site is collected by the Eyekonic digital. The contribution reference of such content may also be added by the users to the website.

Eyekonic digital also collects the comments that are submitted on the website by the users. The IP address is also collected by us when someone approaches the website. If a user sends an email to Eyekonic Digital his user name, email address and the text in the subject line is also collected. If you have added other recipients in the email then the email id of those recipients and their names are also collected by Eyekonic Digital.

This information is referred to as personal information in the privacy policy as it is concerned with individual aspects about the users.

Tracking Cookies/Web Beacons

A tracking cookie on the internet or also known as Http cookie is a minute text or a code stored in your browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Apple and internet explorer etc. tracking cookies are meant for identifying the session navigation track, the authentication, storing preferences and such other things by web pages like the ones used in eyekonic digital.

If you do not wish the website to place tracking cookies on your computer you can go in the browser settings and disable cookies. This will block the tracking cookie placement on your system. You can also set your web browser settings to notify you in case there is a cookie enabled, so the browser will ask you every time when it has to place a cookie  on your system. If you choose to disable cookies you might not be able to see and avail all the features of the website.

Third Party Site Links

EyeKonic Digital may add links to third party websites. We are not associated with these sites to which we provide the HTML links and are not liable for the type and accuracy of the content placed on such websites. This privacy policy is only applicable to the websites and not to any domains or webpages run by third parties. We recommend you to always read the privacy policy before you submit or post your content to any such site.